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Freakin' Awesome!
First it was babies puking, now it's time for babies crying.

These images are spectacular, and Jill Greenberg has earned her place as one of my Heroes of Photography. They're amazingly evocative and raw... gorgeous and traumatic at the same time. I would buy the book. It's like Loretta Lux from hell. They undoubtedly provoke a response in almost anyone who sees them, and for good reason! Are you captivated by the beauty? Do you empathize with the emotion? Do they strike you as unethical? What do they say about the use of children in commercials and movies? Oh man, there's so much fodder for thought in these images.

I originally found this link in the blog of an SF photographer who sometimes writes about his encounters with security guards, and the lengths to which he goes defending our rights. Interestingly, he thinks Jill Greenberg is a fucked up bitch, and equates taking candy from a baby with child abuse. Click for the controversy!

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I find it creeeeeeeepy.

I think that's some of the point. :)

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